What is an eyelash enhancement???

Permanent Cosmetics is definitely more of an art than a science. With that being said, there are MANY styles! My personal style as an experienced technician, is NATURAL. I do EYES ONLY.  Although it is not ACTUALLY permanent, it is extended wear make-up and will last for years, as the body metabolizes the vegetable-based pigment. I will not do "fashion" styles as this make-up is for "every day" appearances. You can always build on your permanent cosmetics by drawing on a "fashion" liner to change up your look, but you cannot take away from the pigment that is implanted.  This service has nothing to do with the actual lashes.  The deposit of pigment along the lash lines makes the lashes APPEAR to be fuller, or thicker.  This is not an eyelash extension service, by any means.

***The above image is an example of upper and lower eyelash enhancement WITH "fashion" style make-up drawn above the permanent cosmetics upper liner for a "cat tail".